My Bees

My bees
 forage an abundance of diverse natural 
Kansas wildflowers on over 40+ open acres which includes a pond and stream running through; adjacent to our own backyard in the suburban environment of  Overland Park.  

I strive to keep naturally healthy bees allowing them an opportunity to more than just survive Colony Collapse Disorder. I hope to support greater numbers of healthier spring bees supplying a surplus harvest.  My biggest suppliers are kept in three brood boxes.

Both mono-crop farming and newer pesticides found on countryside farms as well as taking honey and feeding back processed sugars are thought to be enemies of honeybees.  Transporting honeybees for pollination stresses them and exposes them to unfamiliar diseases and unfamiliar diets.  These factors can more readily
 weaken their natural immune systems allowing them to be overtaken by parasites and/or fungal and viral infections leading to Colony Collapse Disorder.

By allowing my colonies more honeycomb space, they store more honey for themselves than what is currently standard in the commercial beekeeping industry.  My colonies are not transported for pollination but always stay in their accustomed climate.  I strive to use natural methods when they need help staving off hunger, disease and pests.  I am experimenting with healthy ideas like providing a winter insulation box above their hive to imitate a natural tree hive environment which helps keep heat in while allowing humidity out.

State of Honeybees-