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Quick Honey "medicine" for Allergies
Wildflower Honey is your best variety for allergies.  It potentially has pollen stores from spring through fall.  Honey is a solution that does not correct issues with your immune system, but it's like allopathic medicine:  it gets you feeling better.  The active ingredient in honey is pollen.  If you cannot tolerate the levels of fructose in honey, consider taking pollen for allergies.  For local raw local honey from KC Metro, call or text Jeffrey at 913-440-4703. 

The active ingredient for allergies in honey is pollen. Health professionals like William Peterson, M.D. recommend consuming pollen for boosting immunity to environmental pollution and to help the body handle allergens without miserable allergic reactions.  The USDA's research suggests pollen has anti-cancer properties that "delayed the onset of mammary tumors."  William Robinson who headed the study found cancer cellular growth rate slowed to about 1/2 original rate in rats.  An Austrian report has pointed to reducing symptoms of radiation sickness in patients treated for cervical cancer.

Best Cure for Allergies

Fasting can save your life.

I'm a firm believer in fasting.  These videos are the best I've found.  If you are into holistic healing, you won't want to miss watching them.  Here is a good article I found on fasting: http://www.inspireactachieve.com/healthy-lifestyle/fasting-brain-big-pharma/  Here's a free book you can download:  http://apache2.pum.edu.pl/~fasting/upton.pdf

The most effective way to correct health problems like allergies begins with our immune system and is controlled by what we eat.  I have followed what is known as macrobiotic principles for over twenty years. I rarely suffer from allergies. A practical macrobiotic advisor is Steven Acuff:  http://stevenacuff.com/.  Order his latest book: http://www.summitlighthouse.org/stevenacuff/.

Steven Acuff first was first trained at the Kushi Institute.  View Kushi Institute videos here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/kushiinstitute.

The idea of macrobiotic diet is to utilize a balance between expansive and contractive food energies or acid/alkaline balance.  The principles support nutrient rich blood with proper blood chemistry ph.  Healthy blood is thought to be the key to a healthy vibrant body-- keeping our emotions in balance and our immune system strong.  The principles help us overcome any underlying genetic predisposition toward a particular health condition or illness.